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Do you have bedbugs?

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Do you have bedbugs?

We’ll come in and help you haul out all your beds and older furniture. We can help you bag up your stuff and also rip out old carpets, etc... We can give you advice about how to get rid of them as well.

We can help you for a very reasonable price. We’ll do whatever labor needs to be done. You can just sit back and relax.. The prices are all upfront.

If you have bedbugs the eggs can live for up to a year within your furniture and carpet. It’s best to just get rid of them. We’ll haul them away to the dump for you.

If you think you have bedbugs and need some help please call my local cell phone number at 780-446-1122. You can also email me at [email protected] but I won’t get your email until the evening after I get off work.

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