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User: Daphnechen
Location: 92 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5T1S9, Edmonton [map]
Phone: 7802710466
Website: http://daphnechenphotography.com/edmonton-wedding-photography/

You'll get an incredible thought of what the "formal" photographs look like with Daphnechenphotography . We'll try our hardest to give you bearing to get the best photographs conceivable and it won't feel cumbersome! The Pretty Details Gallery demonstrates all the easily overlooked details that go together to make your wedding look astonishing from the dress, shoes, blossoms, the cake, the lighting, rings, and so forth. On the off chance that you've contemplated it, we'll take pictures of it for you to recollect! It's all that stuff you've invested months struggling with to make your wedding look simply right. The Photojournalism Gallery is all the recollections and minutes that we catch by watching what's going ahead around us without our control.
Wedding coverage start from $2500. Please contact us for more information.

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