Illuminate Your Indoor Places By Using Best (T8 4ft LED Tubes)

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We all might have heard about the hybrid tubes but are not aware of these lights and how these lights are more beneficial than the normal lights. Actually, the Hybrid LED Tubes are also known as Type A+ Type B tubes and compatible with ballast or can work without the ballast as well and rather than changing the entire lighting system, you can use these hybrid tubes over there.

Among various Hybrid LED Tubes, you can use Hybrid T8 4FT LED Tubes Light Fixture that is much superior to any other type of tube.

Advantages Of Using Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tubes Are As Follows:

● This Hybrid T8 4FT LED Tubes can work with the ballast as well as without the ballast and you can directly wire them if there is a need for ballast bypass and can be plugged-in after removing the existing fluorescent tube fixture as well if compatible with the existing ballast.
● The Color Temperature of these LED Tubes is 4000k that produces cool white light thus making the ambiance more beautiful.
● The lumen output of these Hybrid T8 4FT LED Tubes is 2400 lumens by consuming just 18w of electricity.
● Get 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer in addition to 30 Days return policy from the same on purchasing these cULus listed lights.
● Have a wider beam angle of more than 220 degrees.
● Also, these LED Tubes have a high-quality standalone chip, SMD LED that is made using a number of chips to provide high performance and reliability.

So start using these Hybrid T8 4FT LED Tubes that can give you more savings of at least 75% if replaced with the normal fluorescent or MH tubes.

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