Polycrete® Big Block 1600. 780-266-8446, edmonton

Polycrete® Big Block 1600. 780-266-8446

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User: Innovaglobe
Phone: 7802668446
Website: http://www.polycrete.com/en/bigblock

Polycrete® walls are insulated on both sides: interior and exterior, without air gaps or thermal bridges. This results in buildings with a superior thermal performance. To benefit from this high thermal efficiency, make sure to properly seal around door and window openings.
Thanks to its high density, a Polycrete® concrete wall is also an excellent sound barrier. Fully sealed walls eliminate sound infiltration and EPS insulation absorbs rather than reflects sound waves. This makes Polycrete® a wise choice for buildings with multiple apartments.
The EPS envelope also prevents the concrete from acting as a transfer point for humidity, and the structure is so well sealed that pollen and dust infiltration is kept to a minimum.
Polycrete® ICF means a healthy, comfortable and quiet environment for its occupants.
The Polycrete® Big Block ICF is the largest on the market. At 16 square feet of wall, its large size and simple design result in a fast and economical installation process.

The Polycrete® Big Block ICF product is the only system on the market that resist to a lateral pressure of 1600 lbs/sq ft (75kPa) during concrete pour.
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